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Dating sims for mobile free

Dating sims for mobile free

My Sim is standing idly by with her striking teal hair. Most of the time, I'd want to have her chat with a friend, or go do a quick shift at the coffee shop, but I can't — not without paying some in-game currency to buy more energy, that is. No matter what I dating sims for mobile free to do, if I played the game for a decent period of time I'd usually be out of energy so doing anything of worth was a no-go unless I ponied up real-world cash, used an in-game item to get more energy, or waited an excruciatingly long amount of time to finish an event.

This set the tone for my time with The Sims Mobile. It's got potential, I'll give it that. It's a decent mobile adaptation of the beloved sandbox players love to interact with, mod, and spend hours customizing their characters in.

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The thing is, it could be far less frustrating. But the route EA chose had to be the most penny-pinching, cash grab-laden iteration possible, and for that I am deeply disappointed. I'm not surprised, mind you, but I am disappointed nevertheless.

Dating sims for mobile free

The Sims Mobile starts out innocently enough. You can create your own Sim to start out, customize him or her to your liking, and get to work customizing your home.

Much of the beginning actions of the game are similar to that which you'd see in the full version of the game as you get your sea legs, so to speak. You've got your home, which is a "fixer-upper" of the highest caliber, and a wide world ahead of you. You can jump right in and start interacting with the world with little fanfare if you want, but you'll need to know what to do dating sims for mobile free.

There's a tutorial you need to finish before you're let loose on the world after you spend some time with the surprisingly robust character creator. It's a decent beginning sequence that finds you interacting with a Sim named Bella, who welcomes you to town and shows you around a bit.

It's fairly standard at first, but the game quickly opens up to more complicated matters.

It's a good thing the tutorial is there, because the game can be quite confusing at first. There are multiple kinds of currency, for example, multiple types of furniture, "career" stories, "relationship" stories, and tons of other intricate systems that you need to uncover to really get the most out of the game.

The tutorial could have used a little meatier content beyond what was there, but it helped me get up to speed quickly enough. There's plenty for you to do, though. You can explore the world which isn't an open one, by the waymeet new Sims who pass by your homes and start friendly or romantic relationships or even rivalries, work a part-time job, hone a skill or a hobby, and engage in tons of different activities that further flesh out your time as a newly-made Sim.

You can make friends, add them to your contacts, socialize with them, and even hold and attend house parties. The starting Barista career bridges out to several different job positions you can hold, depending on your level, experience, and even the items in your home.

If you want to be friendly with a Sim or start talking trash from the moment you meet them, that will color your interactions going forward as you choose a path to take your relationship down. It's entertaining to just start insulting some random person who happens to walk by your house, just as it's funny to start pathways with fellow "geek" friends you start making.

I enjoyed taking part in the group events as well, like birthday parties that involve other players. There's experience and goodies to earn by participating in those, and they're a good way to meet new players if that's something you're into or want to spend time doing. Chances are, if you're a dating sims for mobile free game fan, you probably already spend a lot of time doing that, so it's good that there are social elements included.

Nope, Just Sim-ply Money Hungry Unfortunately, nearly everything that you can do is based solely on how much tapping you can do and how much money you can spend.

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If you don't want to spend money, which the game will almost incessantly badger you to do without coming right out and saying soit'll be based on how patient you can be. Shackers, I am not a patient woman. When I sit down to play a game for the long haul, I'm going to play the game. I'm not going to open my wallet and be nickel and dimed to death so I can become a barista and dating sims for mobile free some frenemies in a life simulation game that rewards you for continual clicking.

To keep it brief, there are various systems to keep track of. You've got your Simoleons, which are your in-game cash option represented by golden coins, SimCash, Tickets, Boosts, and energy. SimCash buys boosts, helps you finish tasks quickly, and lets you purchase special items.

Simoleons can be used to help purchase items.


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