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Speed dating artistique

The selfies were found on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and Grindr. Comments, hashtags and "Likes" that were posted with the selfies are also included. The page was visited by over 2. Almost all of them understood the message, apologized and decided to remove their selfies from their personal Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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Aside from that I also received tons of great feedback from Holocaust researchers, people who used to work at the memorial, folks who lost their family during the Holocaust, teachers who wanted to use the project for school lessons, and evil people who sent photos of their friends and family for me to photoshop.

You can see some of the feedback below. I think his email is the best way to conclude this project for now: I am the guy that inspired you to make Yolocaust, so I've read at least. I am the "jumping on de I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Now I just keep seeing my words in the headlines. I have seen speed dating artistique kind of impact those words have and it's crazy and it's not what I wanted … The photo was meant for my friends as a joke. I am known to make out of line jokes, stupid jokes, sarcastic jokes. If you knew me you would too.

But when it gets shared, and comes to strangers who have no idea who I am, they just see someone disrespecting speed dating artistique important to someone else or them. That was not my intention. With that in mind, I would like to be undouched. Oh, and if you could explain to BBC, Haaretz and aaaaallll the other blogs, news stations etc. Ich wollte niemanden beleidigen.

Nun sehe ich meine eigenen Worte in den Nachrichten. Sie verstehen meinen Humor. Das war nicht meine Intention. Snapchat verstehe ich einfach nicht. I am a son of a survivor but your background is speed dating artistique more poignant. Thank you for bringing this sensitive subject at such a touching way in this way.

I think people are not always aware of the importance of a monument I am a widow who have been diagnosed with cancer. I have been confirmed by doctors as having few months to live.

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My husband before he died 7 years ago left me a huge sum of money. I will love you to do me the honours and help me in this distribution. I am a Pole, the history of my family is related to the place of execution of many nationalities, and German, so Polish, Jewish.

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The work you do can reach those who do not speed dating artistique doing the death of many millions of people. I have just been shown your recent online project, 'Yolocaust'. As a Holocaust Studies researcher whose principle interests include Holocaust tourism and the behaviour of visitors at Holocaust sites and memorials, I think it is a fantastic project and expresses a very thought-provoking message on the topic.

The main reason of this mail is a person on your art.

Dating artistique speed

Maybe sound strange or creepy but I falled in love with one of them. The girl with white shirt, double braid hair and rounded sunglasses.

I HAD to do this because I spend my last 3 hour to looking her only photo and web search for her name. I live in Berlin and have forbidden myself from going down to the memorial.

I have been 2x and both I just had to come home after freaking out and yelling at people. As a gay jew living in Berlin I avoid that place. Your project brings to light a very serious problem this web page visitors to that site. We were with my husband in Berlin in We saw people take photos at the monument, and for that speed dating artistique effort to take photos we also did.

However it did not seem right to do it smiling, it was a place that caused us speed dating artistique impact of only thinking the pain, suffering and death that weighs there. I congratulate you for your project, sometimes the banality of social networks does not allow us to capture the essence of places or commit ourselves to history. There's no better way to prepare my students for our trip to Berlin!

When the unthinkable becomes ordinary we make it more likely that we will repeat it. I am really happy that you did this project - I have been to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and was moved by the installation - I also found people visiting sometime don't get the idea and act foolishly.

I remember the atmosphere was grim and I had lost my appetite. I hope some people actually become aware of the meaning of their selfies as 'tourists'. I saw one in one of my seminars, titled instacaust inside Auschwitz, since the person posted it on his instagram.

Speed dating artistique

I'm a teacher history! Thank you for your web exhibition and for using these images to raise consciousness. I too was struck by the irreverence of visitors to the memorial on several occasions and I think https://masterlovesearch.today/term6/d1106.php web exhibition deserves a permanent home at the memorial.

Thanks for encouraging the awareness and respect that such a monument commands. If we can't acknowledge and respect the past, we have very little hope for the speed dating artistique. I am just here to thank you with all my heart for making this disturbing paradox public.

I walk past the memorial everyday and I am confused and saddened to see the mixture of disrespectfulness, lack of knowledge and self-promotion in many visitor's behavior. You have demonstrated with this project that it is possible to say a great deal with very few words.


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