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Dating quotes images zeus

Dating quotes images zeus

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Zeus initially produced small parts, then components and finally complete bicycles. Nicholas de Arregui continued to acquire patents up until about Orbea, also based near Eibar, seem to have dating quotes images zeus the name and produced bicycles branded Zeus as recently as Orbea also use the Zeus name as a house brand for components such as seatpins.

It is, after all, only appropriate that a brand called Zeus should be surrounded by fantastical myths and legends. The first of these stories is that Zeus invented the parallelogram derailleur inmany years before the Gran Sport produced by that Johnny-come-lately called Tullio Campagnolo.

There could be something in some of this story; Nivex had a production parallelogram derailleur in and I have a Super Inax Sport parallelogram derailleur in this collection. And there could also be nothing in any of this story; there seems to me to be a curious lack of photographs or press reports to back it up. The history of Zeus patents seems to show that they spent the s making derivatives of French pull-chain designs and patented their first parallelogram derailleur in a copy of the Campagnolo Gran Sport.

The hidden text is that, in some way, Zeus supplied the touch of genius that Campagnolo exploited.

Again there could be something in some of this. It would be surprising if Campagnolo did not use sub-contractors for some component parts or when demand was exceedingly high. Using external designers is an Italian tradition PininfarinaBertoneGuigaro And again there could also be nothing in any of the story. You cannot swing a cat in Northern Italy without hitting a precision engineering company or a world-class design studio - is there a good dating quotes images zeus why Campagnolo would stray to Spain to obtain a titanium allen bolt?

Did Campagnolo not have a high technology automotive business of their own using exotic materials? This is sometimes presented as an occasion on which the Tour was won on a Zeus bike using Zeus gears, a tiny Spanish firm defeating the European giants. Sometimes the story grows legs, and Ocana wins by heroically defeating Eddy Merckx equipped with the Campagnolo gears he misguidedly loved so much.

There is a further twist in a quote from Richard Hallett on the Classic Rendezvous site claiming that Ocana won the Tour using a Zeus bike and Zeus gears by defeating Eddy Merckx in I am no expert, but I believe that Eddy Merckx won the Tour linkalthough Ocana did crash out while wearing yellow after a series of heroic attacks.

Eddy Merckx accidentally caused the crash, and, according to dating quotes images zeus, refused to wear the yellow jersey on the next day as a mark of respect for Ocana. However I believe that Ocana was riding for the Bic team, and I would guess that Bic would have made him ride a French bicycle.

Quotes images zeus dating

I further believe that, inOcana really did win the tour, but was still riding for the Bic team. Frank Berto claims that Ocana was riding a French Motobecane bicycle equipped with Campagnolo gears - which sounds entirely credible.

Dating quotes images zeus

I also believe that Merckx did not ride the Tour and so was not https://masterlovesearch.today/term19/d479.php to be heroically defeated. I can only assume that at dating quotes images zeus some of these designs made it into production. Up until the s Zeus produced a model called the Gran Sport that was identical to Campagnolo version.

However this patent tends to indicate that Zeus started producing this model much earlier.

I also have an example of a Zeus Gran Sport that is a steel derailleur that has the pulley cage pivot off-set from the axis of the pulley wheels, indicating that it was a copy of the Campagnolo Record rather than Campagnolo Gran Sport. I would guess that this dates from the mid s. I think Zeus embarked on their fourth generation of derailleurs in This was a steel copy of the Campagnolo Record, but had a quality feel and a competitive price.

The Criterium was joined by a new model, the Zeus Alfa-Junior. The Alfa-Junior appears to be very similar to a Huret Svelto but with the pulley cage pivoting between the pulley wheels, rather than concentric with the guide pulley.

This was a genuinely innovative set of components, with its braze-on centre-pull brakes, aluminium freewheel, extensively drilled look and branding that was decisively not Campagnolo.

In Zeus produced their seventh generation, with three groupsets, Amateur, New Racer and Supercronos. They all lacked the pizzazz of Zeus Why does Zeus attract so many stories? My memory of attending races was that every single rider was using Campagnolo gears of one sort or another.

Zeus dating quotes images

People talked a little about the Huret Jubilee, but you never saw one. For some reason you would have been laughed out of your club for turning up with a Simplex Super LJ or a Huret Success - they were simply too naff. Roto and Triplex were visibly too horrible.

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SunTour and Shimano were a sign that you were not a true believer and had crossed over to the dark dating quotes images zeus. That left Zeus as the one way of showing your individuality while, of course, still fitting in. Zeus was all about being slightly different, slightly more thoughtful and slightly more interesting - and nothing breeds legends faster than the need to feel slightly superior.

How would I sum-up Zeus?

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