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Best mobile dating app ios

Best mobile dating app ios

Ship is the first app to let your friends help you find the perfect match. Invite your friends and let them filter through hundreds of matches for you. After all, your friends know you best!

What is the minimum age requirement? The minimum age requirement for Ship is 18 years old. Is my phone supported? Ship is optimized for iPhone 6 and later, with iOS 11 and higher. Ship does not support iPhone SE, iPhone 5 or any earlier model. Can I get Ship on my Android phone? Ship is best mobile dating app ios only available on iOS, but we are working hard to bring it to Android very soon.

How do I create a Ship account? Enter your phone number Fill out some profile information Invite friends to join or singles to match for It's that easy! How do I manage my notifications?

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I'm Single… Why do you need my location? Ship uses your location to find matches near you. Follow the prompts to select a photo from your Camera Roll. How can I change my primary photo? The first photo top left will be your primary photo throughout the app.

Best mobile dating app ios

To change your primary profile photo, press on another photo and drag it into the first photo position. You can repeat these steps to reorder your photos at any time. How do I delete a photo? How do I edit my description? How do I preview my profile?

From the Profile tab, tap your thumbnail image to preview your profile. Crews Why do you ask for my contacts? Ship is all about making dating a fun, positive social experience with your friends. We ask for access to your contacts to make inviting friends to your Crew an easy, seamless experience.

Every single user on Ship gets their own Crew. Here, it's all about you and finding you the best matches. Obviously, you're a part of your own Crew, but the fun begins when you invite your friends to join your Crew. Every member of your Crew can send a like to a profile that meets your search settings.

How do I invite friends to join my Crew?

You can also manage your Crew members by going to Your Crew then tapping the members icon in the top right. How do I set my search preferences? Discover is the part of the app where you and your Crew see other single Ship members. To adjust who you see on Ship, you can edit your Settings which can be found in the Profile tab. What appears in the Crew activity feed?

Anytime your Crew rates profiles i. By default, anytime you rate profiles, create a match, or start a conversation with a match it will also appear in the Crew activity feed. You can control visibility around your activity in Crew Settings. Can I override likes that my Crew sent?

But we really believe that your crew has your back. Give their apps ios a chance, and you can always unmatch with profiles that don't interest you. Can my Crew read my private conversations? The only thing that your Crew app ios see is that you and a match started talking.

You can even hide this from your Crew by adjusting your privacy settings. How do I join my single friends' Crews? How does Discover work? The dropdown at the top of the page lets you select who you want to match for i. When you select a friend from the dropdown, Discover will refresh to display profiles that meet that friend's search settings. If you are matching for yourself, your activity on this page will appear in your Crew feed.

If you are matching for a friend, your activity on this page will appear in that friend's Crew feed.

Ready to jump into the world of online dating apps? Here's the best place to start. We break down the best dating apps of so you can pick your perfect unique features that it's no wonder singles don't know what to do.

Matching and Messaging How do I message someone that I match with? To send a message to someone, they must be a mutual match first — i. All of your mutual matches will appear on the Matches tab. Tap into any match to start chatting.

Best mobile dating app ios

How do I unmatch someone? From the Matches page, tap into any match or message. Once unmatched with someone, this cannot be undone. I'm in a Relationship… Who will see me on.

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