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Doxygen documentation of the compilerpoints to the full Doxygen documentation, including sources, globals and symbols. This allows you to follow the frontend code in some considerable detail.

GFortranUsage contains helpful info about using gfortran Frequently encountered problems g77 was the predecessor to gfortran. You can look for existing bugs, track bug fixing progress, and report new bugs there.

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The list of all open gfortran bugs including enhancement requests and low-priority bugs can be found here. Before submitting a bug report, please update your version of gfortran to the latest available release of GCC.

For example, if you find a bug with gfortran 4. There is a separate page for the most wanted gfortran bugswhich contains a list of bugs that block gfortran from building major packages. Some ideas for enhancing gfortran can also be of interest Use the gfortran mailing list, fortran gcc.

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