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What does the term dating game mean

Bts dating game, 18+

If You're In A Relationship, You Can't Long-Game Giphy This shouldn't need to be said, but I've definitely received flirty text messages from exes in new relationships and I've definitely been guilty of replying to them, so I'm going to remind us all. If you are in a relationship, it is not cool to flirt with someone you might see something happening with in the future if your current situation doesn't work out.

Don't be Ann from Parks and Recreation and not set up your catch of a friend, Justin, with your other catch of a friend, Leslie, because you want to "save him for later.

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A term often employed by the socially immature that have yet to understand that: treating your date like an intelligent human being turns out to be an Top definition A more clear example can be understood in the manga "The world God Only Knows." I was playing my dating game and I asked the computer to marry me. In my book, True Love Dates, I try to focus less on how you define “dating” and more on what you do when you date, because I believe that.